About Us

“Matching Batik clothes are classical loves”
Hello. Welcome to Rossa Boutique & Collections. So glad you’re here!

I’m Sintarosdiana or love being called Sinta, the founder of of Rossa Collections. Born-and-raised
Johor girl with nothing more than passion, a smartphone and a dream. I’ve been working in the
Batik fashion industry for pretty much my entire life. I started my career as a bussinesswomen
without zero knowledge of bussiness marketing, but now, I am proud to have provided Batik
fashion that loves by all races across the globe.

Rossa Boutique & Collections started in 2016. I had a vision to share my sense of style by
turning Batik into elegant and exclusive design pieces with an outstanding standard of quality
and creativity. Tired of big brands markup and overpriced models of the fashion industry, i
determined to launch an affordable yet rare and comfortable Batik clothes not only for adults,
but for children as well. As young as 2 year-old toddlers can wear our Batik clothes and as big as
XXXL person can fit into our Batik Men clothes.

Rossa Boutique & Collections also offers custom-size Batik clothes to your likings! As long
as you choose which design and pattern of our Batik, we can do it for you as fast as lightning!
Moreover, we also use premium Batik materials for on-trend clothes which will make you feel
more warm and cosy. I noticed that finding matching Batik clothes for the entire family is hard,
that’s why Family Batik Set and Matching Batik Couple Set are our specialities since forever. Find
what you love, and you can order it online.


Rossa Boutique & Collections was founded on the belief that style shouldn’t break the bank.
Our goal is to change the way you think about Batik fashion by delivering exclusive designs at
radically fair prices.
Feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

Thanks again for stopping by Rossa Boutique & Collections.
– Sintarosdiana Sappe